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Lifecycle Management Made Easy with GTRI’s Holistic Services Offering

by Michael Zito, on Jun 10, 2015 11:36:54 AM

Many organizations waste too much time tracking, troubleshooting, retiring and replacing technology devices and software. In addition, mediocre lifecycle management and oversight often lead to hidden soft dollar losses and unnecessary downtime.

GTRI’s lifecycle management experts can remove the burden of inventory reconciliation from your team, reduce both your upfront and administrative costs, mitigate risk, and assure coverage on mission critical gear. Most importantly, we can help with budget cycles for hardware refresh opportunities up to five years in advance.

Recently we introduced a Holistic Services Offering (HSO) that reduces risk as well as cost for our customers with relevance to their annual maintenance contracts. In addition to reduced administrative burden, our team’s 40+ years of collective experience with Cisco enables us to provide opportunities for increased discounts, advanced services, learning credits and special financing through Cisco Systems Capital Corporation. Lastly, we provide opportunities for our customers to enroll in the SMARTnet TotalCare Service at little or no additional cost.

SMARTnet TotalCare services are currently installed at over 1500 Cisco customers worldwide. Seventy percent of the Fortune 100 Companies use this approach for proactive support and lifecycle management.

GTRI’s Holistic Service Offering provides customers with:

  • Reduced up-front and administrative costs associated with Cisco SMARTnet contracts
  • Proactive renewal quoting and contract management – eliminating the risk of lapse in coverage
  • Ability to budget up to five years in advance for future hardware purchases
  • 24/7 support from a worldwide network of Technical Assistance Center engineers
  • Ongoing Operating System (OS) software updates
  • Unprecedented hardware delivery options including guaranteed 2-hour, 4-hour and next day deliveries.

Learn more today and let us help you manage your IT assets while saving your business money!

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