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Why Network Engineers Should Learn to Code

by Michael Edwards, on Oct 6, 2016 10:58:32 AM

As a network engineer, I enjoy designing and deploying large enterprise networks. It’s very fulfilling to tackle the challenges of today’s complex infrastructure and put the best plan in place to meet the needs of GTRI’s varied client base.

One of those challenges is integrating new technologies, such as Software-Defined Networking and automation, which not only require new knowledge but new skill sets as well. One thing that many engineers have had to do is learn to code.

In my case, I started out reluctantly but stuck with it. In addition to learning basic script development, I found it very helpful to apply my knowledge to a real-world solution. I also had the chance to test my skills, and pick up new ones, at the DevNet Hackathon at CiscoLive in July, where our team actually took second place.

So how did I go from coding novice to competing in a hackathon? Read my latest Network Computing article, "A Network Engineer's Journey into Coding," to find out.

As networking technology continues to evolve, network engineers need to freshen up their skill sets. Understanding the basics of software development makes us better prepared to design flexible, scalable, and stable networks that seamlessly support today’s application services.

Michael Edwards is a Principal Architect in Professional Services at GTRI.



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