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by Micah Montgomery, on Mar 18, 2013 4:54:57 PM

Here at GTRI and we have had the pleasure of hosting multiple Splunk Boot Camps, informative sessions that help anyone interested in how to work with Splunk software to manage their data.  Multiple Splunk Boot Camps happen here at GTRI and all over the US every month.  Attending these boot camps can be important, it’s just like karate lessons, you kick and punch but don’t see the benefit until after some hard work.  Then you see the patterns of your actions working, that’s like manipulating Splunk algorithm to parse the data you’re looking for and you start to see everything working.  These boot camps help those who attend understand the processes so the program can bring the data to fruition.

Visit GTRI's Splunk Bootcamp page for more information and a schedule for upcoming Bootcamps.



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